Donna was born in a small town north of San Francisco, CA and has lived in the Redding 

area for over 28 years. She is a graduate of Simpson College holding a Bachelor's Degree in 

Business and Human Resource Management with distinction. 

Practicing as a Certified Herbalist for over twenty-five years, she has a Degree from 

Westbrook University in Homeopathic Medicine and is an International Registered Bach 

Flower Remedy Practitioner and Instructor. 

Trained as a Certified Massage Therapist, she offers consulting in 

Bach Flower Remedies, energy work to aid in healing and dealing with psychic imbalances, Chakra jewelry from semi-precious stones that help open and ground the Chakra systems, and clearing and balancing the stones for each person. 

Donna is a mother of four children, raising her children using herbs and homeopathic 

medicines. Always raising large gardens, she still maintains organic, non-GMO vegetable 

gardens feeding her family and friends. 

She is excited about the opportunity to offer consultations, energy work, and custom Chakra jewelry!